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Cane Reeds


Well, I decided that since I teased y'all with the bit about the cane reeds, I ought to go ahead and recount the experience. What better place to do so? *G*


The fire was burning, and we were standing out there next to it as usual. Rico and I love fires in the wintertime. If someone has started a fire, you can bet we'll be sitting out there, beside it, enjoying the blazes; our clothes slowly absorbing the smoke, and our eyes gradually glazing over because of it.

That was when my spanko mind took over.

I'd spotted the cane reeds laid all over the fire. And, of course, I just had to know what they'd feel like. The reeds varied between about 1/4 inch thick to 1/2 inch thick, and reminded me of a rubbery switch. I peeled the protruding branches and leaves off of one and broke it down to a workable size. After testing it through the air and on myself a time or two, I got Rico's attention and handed it off. I didn't have explain anything. His eyes, and the smile on his face, mirrored my own. He swished it through the air, and before I knew it, brought it down sharply against the bottom of my butt. My jeans offered some protection, but not much. Being skin tight and fairly thin, the sting burned right through. Before the sting had hardly subsided, he smacked it across the back of my thighs another two or three times. I looked up at his face and had to smile. His face was one of a "I KNOW that one hurt!" type. Once the burn began to fade again, a new sensation began to take over, and I smiled again.

I like this.

Yes... I know... that probably doesn't surprise you. But something about the realization, "I'm being smacked with a cane reed that burns and stings like h*ll... and I love it!" blows your mind when it first surfaces. What was even funnier, was watching other people "catch on" (in a purely vanilla way) and chase each other around with these things. I had to laugh when I heard several guys whine about the sting as I stood there voluntarily taking it.

I believe I got my first endorphin rush that night. For over two hours I stood around that fire while Rico randomly popped me with the reed (which had to be changed out every now and then) in varying severity.

It wasn't until I tried to sit down that the effect of it started to hit me. I cringed and just knew I'd be feeling it for a few days.

Sure enough, there were a ton of little lines all over my thighs and butt - accompanied by bigger bruises and welps. I was enjoying it so much, that the idea of it marking never crossed my mind. I didn't think I would... LOL!


Right, so, there's my cane reed/endorphin rush story from Christmas Eve night. :)

(My bruises are still very visible.)

...And A Happy New Year



Also, as of Christmas Eve night, I have a new love/hate feeling towards these little suckers:

(cane reeds)



Especially as, by general definition, newbies, Rico and I are always looking for ideas. Ideas for rules, activities, or even punishments, that will enhance the lifestyle and power exchange.
I found this list here, but these are the ones I like and [might] consider one day. Some are added by me, while others may be altered to fit my tastes. ;) The wording is directed at the S/O.

*Edit: If this strikes your interest at all, take the time to read it! It really is worth it (I think, anyway).


1. Have her wear "slave/submission" bells. The constant soft jingling of the bells is soothing and a type of reminder of her submission.

2. When she has broken a rule, talk to her as You punish; make her speak in detail about why what she did was wrong.

3. Make her take her shoes off every day as soon as she enters Your house.

4. A beautiful, special collar will make any slave/submissive joyous. Take the time to select the right one, and have her wear it as often as possible.

5. Have her call You each day at a specified time, no excuses.

6. Give her anklets and tell her she must wear one of them every day, no excuses.

7. Whenever possible (i.e. no curious young-uns about), have her kneel before You and ask to accompany You upon the furniture.

8. Choose her hairstyle and go with her to get it cut to Your specifications.

9. Whenever possible, have her display herself whenever You come into the room (i.e. legs spread, shirt unbuttoned). No matter what position You take, she is to be sure Your view is unobstructed.

10. When around the kids or vanilla friends/family, make sure she has a specific alternative title for You besides Master (such as: "my Love," "Darling," etc.).

11. "Use" her sexually in a rough, selfish way when You feel like it; interrupting whatever she was doing.

12. Choose a food that she dislikes and have her eat a small portion every day for a week.

13. Have her crawl to bed at night.

14. Bring her a stuffed animal each time You go out of town. *g*

15. Choose her clothing each day.

16. Have her get Your daily wardrobe ready for You the night before (i.e. laid out, ironed, etc.).

17. After punishment, have her kiss Your boots/feet and thank You for loving her enough to correct her.

18. Have her bring a warm towel and wash/massage Your feet each day after work.

19. Get her tattooed (Your choice of art and location).

20. Get her pierced (or, preferably, if You are trained, do it Yourself).

21. Get her branded.

22. Respect, but push her limits.

23. Ask her each night what she did that day that You would not have approved of. This gets her in the habit of being completely honest, and, also, makes her conscious of the things she could do better each day.

24. Teach her exactly how You want her to kneel, and demand perfection.

25. "Reward" her by allowing her to please You sexually.

26. Supervise her workout routine.

27. Each night she is to kneel next to the bed asking permission to sleep with You, and each night she does, she is to kneel by the bed in the morning and thank You for the privilege.

28. Have her polish Your boots weekly; on her knees and at Your feet.

29. Negotiate, until you are both comfortable with the terms, and then sign a contract.

30. Give her a writing assignment: (i.e."The definition of Pain - 1000 words," "The definition of Obedience," etc.).

31. Have her keep a diary of her journey into submission.

32. Instruct her that she may never get herself something to eat or drink in Your presence without first asking You if You want something.

33. Some evenings, keep her on a leash and take her with You no matter what You do; even if You do not speak to her or include her in Your activities.

34. When appropriate, she is to speak only when spoken to.

35. Reward her by giving her delicious pleasure.

36. When it suits You, instruct her not to make eye contact with You without Your command.

37. Have her keep her body cleanly shaven at all times.

38. Conduct random inspections of her body to make sure she keeps herself to Your specifications.

39. Make her wear a butt-plug under her clothes whenever she goes out alone.

40. For transgressions, have her write Your name on the bottom of her foot and tell her to remember she is walking on You with each step. (It is harder to do that than You might think...)

41. Master the art of the meaningful, piercing stare.

42. Give her reading assignments.

43. Test her on the reading assignments to make sure she learned the "appropriate lessons" from each.

44. Instruct her to keep her toenails painted perfectly everyday, and check to see that they are before bed.

45. Make it her responsibility to put the toys away after play and punishment, and to keep them clean and neat.

46. "Reward" her by letting her name her favorite scene, toys, etc.

47. Call her Your (i.e. slut, pet, girl, etc.).

48. Have her make a list of the 10 things that make her the most self-conscious, uncomfortable, or embarrassed.

49. Work with her, having her do the things on the list (if possible), so that she conquers those fears and hesitations.

50. Sometimes, pamper her. Wash her body and hair; have her remain perfectly still as You turn her and move her about.

51. Hand feed her like a small child (on occasion).

52. Have her eat from a dog bowl (on occasion).

53. Praise her dedication when she has pleased You well.

54. Instruct her that (when it suits You) she cannot touch Your body without permission.

55. Have her write a "meditation" about her submission, devotion, and trust in You. Have her say it aloud each night before falling asleep.

56. Have her memorize the "meditation" she wrote so that she can recite it on demand.

57. Some days, allow her no clothing whatsoever (when practical).

58. For transgressions, deny her "play."

59. Along the same lines, for transgressions, deny her orgasm (i.e. give her sex, but don't allow her to cum).

60. For transgressions, command that she is to be silent for a week. She may not speak, and will take whatever pain or pleasure You give as silently as possible.

61. Have her wear a toe ring you picked out for her.

62. Tell her one morning that she must cum for You 15 times that day. Then, have her write about it (if it suits You).

63. Have her wear nipple clamps, under her clothing, out to dinner.

64. On Your birthday, let her receive Your spankings. *g*

65. Spend time training her how to move gracefully; in a way that pleases You.

66. For transgressions, have her stand/kneel in the corner (for variety, have her kneel on uncooked rice, on hard surfaces, or in awkward positions).

67. Defend her honor to those who would disrespect Your "prized possession."

68. Pet/caress her often.

69. Whenever possible, have her sleep in a cage.

70. Buy her sexy or slutty clothes to Your liking.

71. Teach her things. Expand her knowledge in a patient, Fatherly way.

72. When You are away, call her and have her masturbate for You.

73. Remember all special occasions.

74. Lead her with a loving fist in her hair.

75. Wake her each morning with an assigned task for the day, and make sure it is done by the day's end.

76. Teach her patience.

77. Videotape Your "sessions" and watch them together.

78. On long trips, have her wear double dildo latex underwear.

79. Hand feed her chocolate.

80. Have her place her regular wear shoes in a line by the front door. They should be in a straight line with the laces tucked inside, or the buckles buckled; inspect them periodically.

81. Keep a list of her transgressions in a little book. Let her slip for a while, thinking You are not noticing, then one day, bring out the book and have a day of atonement. ;)

82. Tickle her - just because You can.

83. Have her be perfectly still and quiet while You bring her extreme pleasure. When/if she moves, or makes a sound, punish her... but then return to the pleasure.

84. Keep her locked in her collar when You are home. You place it on her while she kneels. Wear the key to the lock around Your neck.

85. When possible, have her cook and serve Your dinner - wearing nothing but an apron and collar. *g*

86. Buy her a Polaroid camera and tell her to take pictures of herself for You (i.e. in certain outfits, positions, etc.).

87. Remember to kiss and caress away her tears.

88. But don't be afraid to bring her to tears.

89. Caress her, whisper into her ear that You love her, nibble on her belly, lick her thighs and make love to her until she cries (if possible).

90. Have her fall asleep with Your c*ck in her mouth and tell her You expect it to be there when You awake.

91. Occasionally, fulfill her fantasies.

92. Your word is the last word.

93. Make sure that she is safe at all times; when with You and when You are apart (to the best of Your ability). Keep her vehicle in good working order, make sure she has emergency money, and a cell phone to call for help (if needed).

94. Be consistent.

95. Take the time to talk to her. Learn her fears, her dreams, and fantasies. Use Your knowledge.

96. When You go out of town, forbid her to shave her sex. Shave her Yourself when You return.

97. Specify exactly how she will address You in private and in public.

98. Have her stay within a certain distance from You (i.e. 10 ft.) when you go out together; unless she asks permission to go elsewhere and You choose to grant it.

99. Choose a designated side of You (left or right) that she must sit, stand, or walk at.

is not something I enjoy.

Especially on winter nights ... jeez. Thankfully, I've only had one encounter so far, but, I'm quite sure that I don't want another.

Unless of course.... *weg*

Anywayz, here's a drawing for y'all. I'm not totally happy with it, and this is actually a picture of it (not a scan) ... so... =P Go easy on me.

I've been reading and thinking a lot on protocols in a D/d, D/s relationship. It's amazing the diversity and extremity out there. Some are borderline vanilla, while others reach way into realms I'd rather not go - and then there are rituals.
I like protocols, though. Maybe it's my curiosity, maybe my intense longing to release more and more control... I'm not really sure of the "why's", but I do know they prick that little interest sensor in my brain.

When I think of protocols in my relationship, I think of a respectful, power-exchanging habit. Although the dictionary definition I found ( doesn't cover what I mean by it, this thesaurus search does:

Main Entry: protocol
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: rules
Synonyms: agreement, code, compact, concordant, conduct, contract, conventions, courtesy, covenant, custom, decorum, etiquette, formalities, good form, manners, obligation, order, pact, politesse, propriety, treaty

It is an agreement between the two of us that I follow a certain formality; pay a certain courtesy, respect a certain order of conduct.

Although circumstances prevent a whole range of things I'd love to try one day, there are still a few things we can do right now. No matter how simple, or even vanilla *g*, when I do them a conscientious power exchange is made. There are some that are less strict than others. Like responding to him with a title (Yes, Sir). Then there are those we follow almost religiously.
I'd love to give credit where credit is due, but most of these were picked up over hours of scanning zillions of blogs and websites.

Here's a short list of the protocols we follow that I can think of off-the-bat:

-Responding to him with a title.
-Staying within about 10 feet of him unless permitted to go elsewhere.

-Standing and sitting at his right side.

-Waiting for him to give me permission to eat or fix him something to eat.

Those are the main ones. They are small acts that can be performed in the outside world, that aren't obvious enough to attract unwanted attention, yet give me the power-exchanging mindset I long for and love.
Do you follow types of protocol?

Thank You


RING RING. Amanda nearly jumped out of her skin; almost dropping the glass plate she'd been washing in the process. She quickly dried her hands and picked up the phone. Her throat caught when Jake's voice filled her ear, "Hello? Mandy?"
She pulled herself together and answered him, "Hey, Darling."
For a moment they stayed silent, neither quite sure how to proceed. Finally Jake cleared his throat and began, "Alright, this is how it's going to go and you will not question me. Listening?"
"Yes, Sir." She answered quietly.
"When I get home in a little while, I want you undressed, in the corner of our bedroom, with the bath brush, three switches, and the Loopy Johnny laid out on the bed. Understood?"
Amanda felt tears well up behind her eyes; she had to bite back instinctive pleas for mercy, "Yes, Sir..." Used for punishment, those three implements were her most dreaded of their little collection.
"Good. On top of that, I want the house spotless and supper cooked."
She quickly glanced at the clock - 3:30 p.m. - and noted that she only had about 2 more hours left to have all this finished.
"Hello? I expect an answer, Little Girl. " Jake stated firmly.
"I'm sorry. Yes, Sir." She replied quickly.
"Alright, I'll let it slide. Only because you have one heck of a night coming your way. I also expect you to have a full confession, and an explanation for why you should be punished, ready to recite. OK?"
"Yes, Sir. Written? Or just out of my head?"
"If you think you can answer me sufficiently without putting it into writing, you may answer me so. But I warn you, if you do not write it out and I do not think your answer sufficient, it will go worse for you."
A tear leaked from one eye and trailed down her chin, "Alright..."
"I love you, Baby."
"I love you too. I'm sorry..."
"I know. See you later."

Amanda's stomach did flip flops as she started browning the meat and cleaning the house. Spotless? He couldn't possibly expect me to REALLY make it spotless in so short a time? Nonetheless, she still put a big effort into the cleaning in order to avoid further punishment. It never failed to amaze her how diverse her feelings on this sort of spanking were. At one moment a fear like no other would completely engulf her, while at another, a thankful, anxious feeling would warm her inside. She'd asked for this lifestyle, and in the end, no matter how badly the punishments hurt, she was so very happy Jake had taken her desires so seriously. She needed him to exert this control; this dominance. She needed him to place these boundaries in her life. They showed her how much he cared and loved her, as well as motivated her to be the person she wanted to become one day.
Despite the regret and intense anticipation she felt, a smile split her face as she set the rice cooking. I love him so much.

5:20 p.m.

Amanda lowered the temperature on the stove and headed towards the bedroom. As she went, she looked around once more for anything that might be out of place. Finding nothing, she pushed their door open and began pulling out the implements he'd requested. Suddenly she gasped. The switches! A brick wall couldn't have slowed her as she ran for the back yard. 5:26 - 4 minutes! In a few seconds she knew she had to decide which would be worse - not having the switches at all, or picking three bad ones. Her mind raced, and no matter how she looked at it, she knew she was in trouble. She found three in about a minute, but peeling them was out of the question.
BAM. The truck door!
Amanda's eyes almost popped. He was home. As she darted towards the door, she prayed somehow he'd be stalled in the front. Amazingly, she made it to their room without him seeing her, and managed to strip before he made it through the kitchen. Her heart pounded in her chest and she tried hard to control her breathing as she positioned herself in the corner.
She heard him walking around in the kitchen, probably testing her food and inspecting her cleaning job. Finally, he came into the bedroom.
She heard him sigh, and then felt his arms tighten around her, "I love you, Precious." Tears threatened and she relaxed for a moment in his embrace.
"The house looks good, and the stew tastes wonderful. Thank you for listening."
How can he be so sweet to me after what I've done? She wondered as she chocked back her emotions.
After another long minute, he released her and walked over to the bed. Knowing he'd find the three un-peeled switches any second, Amanda cringed and bowed her head.
"Amanda, you know this isn't how I expected these switches." He stated, his tone abruptly stiffening.
"I'm sorry, Sir, I didn't have time..."
"You'll pay for that, Darling."
She heard him breaking off small bits of the switches and testing them through the air. Her body involuntarily winced.
"Seems I'm having trouble finding the time to peel them myself." He said harshly.
Amanda felt the color drain from her face; she jerked around, "Are you serious?!"
His face was stony and he cut his eyes at her, "You face that corner right now! Did I tell you to move, yet?"
She forced herself to turn back to the corner and felt the hot tears finally break through her resolve, "Jake, please don't.. please! I'm sorry - I really am!"
"And you'll be even sorrier when I'm done with you. Now, come here."
She turned and stood to see him sitting on the edge of the bed. He motioned for her to come to his side and then helped her over his lap.
"Alright, let's hear this confession and explanation." He said as he picked up the bathbrush and placed it on her bottom.
OH NO! My confession! She'd forgot about that as well. Her lack of preparation, coupled with the humiliating position she was in, silenced her tongue. Her pulse throbbed and her brain refused to rescue her.
SMACK! The bathbrush jolted her senses, "I don't hear you?" Jake said sternly as he again placed the bathbrush on her backside.
"Oh please, Jake! I can't think! Give me a minute!" She begged.
"Did you write it out like I suggested?" He asked, lifting the bathbrush. When she failed to answer him, he gave her five hard licks directly to her sit spot, "Now, I'm only going to ask you one more time - did you write it out?"
"No Sir!" She said through choking sobs.
Without another word, he let the bathbrush rain down on her pinkening bottom twenty more times. Finally he paused and let her catch her breath, "Why are you being spanked, Little Girl?"
"Because I lied to you." She answered hoarsely. Somehow, she'd thought of the basics as the bathbrush was doing its job on her behind.
"Why else?" He prodded as he rubbed the bathbrush in small circles on the tops of her thighs.
"Because I was disrespectful and disobedient." Amanda sniffled as she thought about what she'd done, and buried her head in the comforter.
"Do you deserve everything I'm about to give you?"
"Yes, Sir..."
With that, he let loose and began burning her backside and thighs with the back of the bathbrush.

It was quite simple why she found herself over his lap. He'd asked her not to go anywhere, she went anyway. He confronted her, she lied about it, a fight ensued, and she acted out in a complete fit of selfishness. This morning she awoke to his quiet voice explaining he'd be calling her later to tell her what her punishment would be, and to be thinking of how she'd acted during the day. She kissed him goodbye, and the rest is history.

The bathbrush had Amanda whimpering and sobbing after only a couple minutes. Jake had scissored her legs under his and only smacked harder. Finally, he stopped and let her up.
"Alright, get over the bed - no rubbing." He quickly pulled two pillows for her to place under her stomach, and reached over for the Loopy Johnny. Without a break, Amanda was sure her backside was on fire when Jake started up again. Twenty more licks and he stopped. He reached down and rubbed her back. Between her light kicking, sobs, and gradually rising cries, he must've realized she was reaching her edge. Her bottom was a deep red, laced with oval stripes.
"Go to the corner - still no rubbing."
Amanda gingerly stood and wiped the snot and tears from her face. Jake left her to recuperate for fifteen minutes before calling her back to the bed.
"I've decided to have some mercy on you. Because you didn't have the switches the way you know I like them, I'm going to use them just how you gave them to me - minus the longer twigs. However, because you've handled your punishment very well so far, I'm only going to use one switch. After that, ten licks from my belt and this is all over." He pulled her close and kissed her forehead. Her stomach was twisting up again, but she pushed herself down over the pillows again, and braced herself for the stingy switch. She hated the belt, but she was thankful he'd decided to only use one of the switches.

SHWACK. The switch bit into her skin with a fiery blaze. She knew the little knots and bark particles would scrape her skin, but the sting was so intense it didn't really matter to her once the switching began. Sting was something she couldn't stand when used for punishment.
She'd started to cry out and kick more intensely, so Jake placed his hand on the middle of her back. After forever seemed to go by, he finally dropped the switch and began taking off his belt. Amanda's sobs were full fledged now, but she could no longer fight physically. He ordered her to count out the final blows and began. She lay submissively and took it, calling each out in obedience.

"Good girl..." Jake murmured as he dropped the belt where the switch fell previously, and lay down next to her, gently stroking her face.
Once her tears stopped and her sobs quieted, she smiled slightly and whispered "Thank you."
He pulled her close to him and held her there until hunger got the best of them both.

Roll of Christmas lights: $20

Christmas gift bows: $5

Santa hat: $9

The look on his face when you greet him at the door dressed in those and ONLY those: ...






I imagine my previous post may have been a little ... chaotic, lol. Oh well. I've been thinking a lot about it anyway and I think I have finally have it sorted out in my head. Now to change the definition of lines. :P~~~~~~

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