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I have wanted to be more open on this blog for SO long now... since I first started it, really, I wanted it to be a place where I could talk about everything that happened day to day that I couldn't talk about anywhere else. But, I had this little thought that held me back; I was scared that if I wasn't careful, I'd turn this into nothing but a place I could whine and complain. I despise whining and complaining. So I avoided the day to day "stuff" because, to be quite realistic with you, the beginnings of D/d and D/s aren't always filled with happiness. For a while I tried to blog about only the good stuff, but began to feel pretty hypocritical. Finally, I pretty much quit altogether.

Now, as Rico and I have really gotten back on track, our hearts and lives are making huge changes, and I'm constantly being inspired by other writers, I see that it's not about worrying what the direction this blog will take (should I simply be open and write both good and bad). It's about who Rico and I are, and what it is that we do. However that may come out, is the way this blog will go... and that's that.

Also, just as I don't always like and/or agree with the things I read, I know that people won't always like and/or agree with the things I write. Sometimes that thought would stress me out a little too - I don't like it when I perceive that people don't like me.
But it just doesn't matter! This is my life; it's the way it is and maybe someone out there will enjoy reading it.

So from now on... you will see more of my heart, more of us, and more reality. I'm going to be open in Jesus' name.


About me

  • Intro (with up-to-date edits)
  • In Dreams

    "And in dreams I am free
    falling into what is not;
    what will be what is.

    It's this intense hatred
    for reality twisted
    in an obsession of hope

    Defy the stagnant
    life that speaks only
    what can be but wills not.

    God's grace,
    not my self fear
    of what I think I cannot be."


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