The side of my life that grows and changes with my interests and discoveries pertaining to the D/d and D/s world, with respect to my spiritual convictions/sensibilites. (This page is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox)



I just signed into TWO of my (free) hotmail accounts and they were BOTH deactivated. *CRIES MY HEAD OFF* Both were the accounts I use in the D/d and D/s world, and in case it's never happened to you... that means all of my emails (new, old, and saved in folders) are completely gone. I feel sick.

Apparently I haven't signed in in over a month... so if you tried to send me something, please send it again.

I'm so upset; I can't believe I did that..

I'm not feeling too great. Stupid allergies with the weather changing have really got my head feeling like a balloon. I really hate my sinuses, lol. Grr...

But, I'm still here. Just busy, tired, and dealing with a cold. Hope y'all are all doing great. =)

I'll try to post a story or picture in the next day or so. Love y'all.



Hehehe. =)

So many different Tops/Doms/Masters, so many tastes.

How do you like yours?

  1. See through, lace, or lightly colored?
  2. Dark, lacy, or otherwise frilly/sexy?
  3. Plain Cotton or none at all?
  4. Thongs or V-string?
Assuming you chose 1-3, during a spanking do you like them:

  1. Wedged
  2. Just under the butt
  3. At the knees or lower
  4. Completely gone

Rico is a diehard-thong-lover, but lately he's getting a taste for regular panties because of the whole wedging possibility. I probably had something to do with that... My fascination with it has to do with the psychology behind the steps involved. Spanking over them, wedging them up and spanking some more, then pulling them down and spanking... in exactly that order... yum. There's just something about that whole process that I just love... and I guess I just rubbed off on Rico. *weg*

Of course, that only applies to the GOOD ones. If that were to happen during a bad one (and this is only hypothetical because it hasn't yet), it would probably humiliate and embarrass me instead. I imagine each step would hike up my anxiety a few notches as well... nah, I don't think it would be fun at all.

Anyway. It's amazing how big an influence panties have on spankings, hmm?

About me

  • Intro (with up-to-date edits)
  • In Dreams

    "And in dreams I am free
    falling into what is not;
    what will be what is.

    It's this intense hatred
    for reality twisted
    in an obsession of hope

    Defy the stagnant
    life that speaks only
    what can be but wills not.

    God's grace,
    not my self fear
    of what I think I cannot be."


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