The side of my life that grows and changes with my interests and discoveries pertaining to the D/d and D/s world, with respect to my spiritual convictions/sensibilites. (This page is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox)

Is she sad? Regretful?
Perhaps she's only submissive; slightly apprehensive?
Tired and bored?
Or already asleep?
Lol. I'm not sure..... =)

It takes your strength to make me fear;
To thrill my heart, to purge my tears.
Deep inside I need to break;
I need to hurt, I need to ache.

But then I want your loving hands
To pull me back, to hold me in;
Your sweet voice here in my ears,
Soothing my soul, drying my tears.

I recently read an article over on LDD about "asking" to be spanked for discipline (or stress relief) purposes. Well, I've done it a few times. And felt absolutely insane. So many thoughts can run through your head... will he think I just want to be spanked and that it won't be a punishment at all? Will he think I'm nuts for wanting such a thing? This is so unreal! And the list goes on...

Sometimes, I'll get up the nerve to ask... then totally trip out right in the middle or right before it happens. Lol, I learned a valuable lesson about myself this past week... when sick, my pain tolerance absolutely PLUMMETS. I was feeling sort of stressed out and knew I needed/wanted a spanking... so I asked for it. My GOSH... a few *seconds* into a hand spanking *over jean capris* had me squirming completely out of his grip. I'm sure the fact that my capris were damp from accidentally soaking myself with water a little earlier didn't help...or that they were fairly tight... but still. That's just sad.

I wonder how many people really do ask for the not-so-good spankings and then make it without chickening out? -_0

On a lighter note, Rico and I have been doing GREAT. We've managed to have only one miscommunication, and it wasn't even a bad one, since the last time I wrote in here... that's a major plus for us, lol. We're growing up a lot, and it's so very nice... =)

Well, I'm working on a couple pictures I started drawing the other day... it's interesting... not quite what I wanted them to be, but nice anyway. I plan to post them as soon as I have time to really finish. I think y'all will enjoy them.

Hope everyone is doing great and had a wonderful Memorial day.

About me

  • Intro (with up-to-date edits)
  • In Dreams

    "And in dreams I am free
    falling into what is not;
    what will be what is.

    It's this intense hatred
    for reality twisted
    in an obsession of hope

    Defy the stagnant
    life that speaks only
    what can be but wills not.

    God's grace,
    not my self fear
    of what I think I cannot be."


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