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Ok, I'm sorry I've been gone so freaking much. This summer has been ridiculously hectic... lots and lots of friends and kids everywhere, plus working more, church...etc. But, Rico and I are great, life is pretty good, and nothing bad has happened. =) However, something wonderful DID happen. ;)

As most of you know... our D/d - D/s life isn't exactly normal; very confined and shaped around our lives' circumstances and our convictions. SO, it's not ever day that a spanking is actually carried out and, when it is, it's usually strained, quick, and for punishment purposes only. Weeellll.... *big smile* The other day that finally changed. At least for a few minutes... hehehehe.

Somehow, Rico and I found ourselves at a waterpark with some of our friends and siblings. Honestly, we weren't thinking about D/s at first anyway........... but then the day went on. *G* At about the same time everyone left us, Rico started joking that I needed a good spanking in my little swimshorts... and so on, and so on. Then all of a sudden it dawned on us that we could just go somewhere in the park and he could give me that spanking. After a few more moments of deliberation, we decided to leave the park and actually go out to the parking lot where our vehicles were parked.

It was really strange having, for the first time ever, all the time we needed to do whatever we wanted. So, we climbed in the van, locked the doors, and headed to the back. As Rico took his seat, I noticed that two men, a couple cars away, had suspiciously migrated to the side of their car and were staring intently towards the van. After pointing them out to Rico, we decided to watch them for a moment and sure enough, they moved a little closer...and then a little closer...and then circled the van, glancing inside the windows. Rico and I laughed, but continued to sit innocently until they got bored and went away. Ew??? Little did they know that they were about to witness NOT a young couple's sex endeavor, but a spanking session. ROFL. Looking back, it almost would've been worth the embarrassment to see their shocked faces.

After the two perverts left us alone, Rico motioned for me to lay across his lap. Sincerely wanting this to be the much-needed-and-longed-for-true-spanking we both wanted it to be, Rico had me pull my cover-up shorts down, but left my swimshorts on and pulled them up to reveal only the spankable part of my cheeks. I took a deep, nervous breath...and it began. It truly terrified me at first to finally realize that it was all up to Rico - not circumstances, not time, not people... RICO. He could spank his little heart out and *I* had willingly put *myself* at his mercy. AHH.

And for those of you who were just grinning their heads off at the idea of me finally getting my recently-wet-butt toasted (you know who you are) yes... it did sting! Lol. But, I loved every incredible second of it. He used only his hand, but it was fine by me. By the time he finished, his grin, chuckle, and sly comment about my butt being purply, were enough to satisfy my curiosity. For the moment anyway.

Alas... I hadn't quite had enough. Even after, on our way back into the park, we encountered the two perverts again - intently staring at my butt! That was about the time we both double and trible checked that my cover-up shorts were actually COVERING the purpled cheeks beneath them. They were, thank GOD.

Later on, Rico decided (with a little persuasive whispering on my part) that I definitly needed more before we had to leave. But this time, it would be with his belt and it would be very hard - as much as he wanted to give me. I just thought I was nervous and slightly scared before. HA. My insides felt like melting jello.

By the time I laid myself down on the floorboard of the van, where a seat had coincidentally been removed, I had chills running down my spine. This time when my shorts came down and my swimshorts went up, I thought I my heart was going to spill through the floor and all over the concrete. However, the first lash of his belt brought me back to reality. Amazingly, I kept my hands still, but I couldn't help kicking my feet some. Rico fixed that by kneeling on the backs of my thighs. I didn't cry, I couldn't, but I was definitely squeaking and telling him that I couldn't do it over and over again by the time he said "Ten more." Those ten more were INSANE. He really smacked the heck out of my already-punished cheeks. I didn't even want to know what my butt looked like when he let me up that time. But I was so happy... I just hugged him so tight and kisses him so hard...

Deep inside I had this little bit of fear that one day I'd get that real spanking and I'd realize that I didn't like it that much afterall... well, that little waterpark experience disproved all that.

I am most definitely a total spanko... *G*

Love y'all.

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  • In Dreams

    "And in dreams I am free
    falling into what is not;
    what will be what is.

    It's this intense hatred
    for reality twisted
    in an obsession of hope

    Defy the stagnant
    life that speaks only
    what can be but wills not.

    God's grace,
    not my self fear
    of what I think I cannot be."


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